Founding a New Communist Workers’ Party: A Reading List

(Compiled by Marxism-Leninism Today) 

 Save the Party!  by Dean Christ, Kevin Kyle, and Joan Phillips

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them  by Thomas Kenny

Kicking It up a Notch… Means Adding the Communist Plus!  by Michael Sheinberg

For a Return to the CPUSA’s Antiwar Principles by Mark Anderson

For a CPUSA that Honors the Soviet Experience by Angelo D’Angelo, Ed Wlody, Kevin Keating

Reflections on Revisionism in the CPUSA by Edward A. Drummond

Decision Time for the CPUSA  by Edward A. Drummond

The CPUSA Line “Unity against the Ultra Right” is Wrong and Harmful  by Edward A. Drummond

From Revisionism to Party Liquidation by Edward A. Drummond

The Crisis of the CPUSA, Part 1 and Part 2   by Edward A. Drummond

Impressions of the CPUSA Convention  – Various Delegates

A Tangled Webb: A Party of Socialism for the 21st Century  by Roger Keeran

Faux Marxism by Zoltan Zigedy

Irrelevance and Eventual Demise  by Zoltan Zigedy

International Criticism of Webb’s “A Party of Socialism for the 21st Century” by the Communist Parties of Greece, Mexico, Germany, Canada




The Socialism Which We Are Struggling For

On Monday 25/2 the proceedings of the “round-table discussion” organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) were held in Moscow, on the topic “The Image of Socialism we are Fighting for”, with the participation of foreign delegations, which participated in the 15th Congress of the CPRF.

Elisseos Vagenas, member of the CC and Responsible for the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE, made a contribution to the “round-table discussion” on behalf of the KKE. The speech was as follows:

Dear comrades,

We thank the CPRF for the opportunity that it is providing us today to exchange thoughts about this important issue.


The KKE, after the counterrevolutionary changes in the Soviet Union in 1991, despite the fact that it emerged organizationally weakened, due to the inner-party struggle with the opportunist forces which in the end left the party, maintained its communist identity: Its faith in theMarxist-Leninist worldview and the necessity of the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. It defended the hammer and sickle and its other historical symbols and at the same time began long-term research and inner-party work on the causes which led to the defeat of socialism in the USSR. Through this work, which was consolidated in the Decision of the 18th Congress of our party, our party enriched its conception of socialism. An enrichment which in turn is expressed in the new draft programme of our party, which will be the work of our 19th Congress in about a month. Continue reading

Certain Issues Regarding the Communist Movement Emerging from the Experience of the KKE

(By Giorgios Marinos)

This article is by Giorgios Marinos, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece. An abridged version of the article was published in the German journal, “Marxistische Blätter,” issue 5, 2012. 

It is a fact that when we refer to the complex problems of the Communist and labour movement, especially when we refer to problems related to the strategy of the Communist parties, and to the policy of alliances we are required to enhance, different approaches and disagreements are apparent in the ideological-political discussion of issues.

Let us  put forward arguments, so that the various positions are tested based on real experiences, Marxist-Leninist principles and the experience of the Communist and labour movement.

In this way hackneyed formulas will be avoided and the discussion or debate will contribute to the drawing of conclusions, to the strengthening of the positive features in the strategy and tactics of the communist parties or to the rejection of mistaken positions and to their correctioAll these things must have one goal. The communist movement must lay solid revolutionary foundations and overcome its crisis, to become more capable in the struggle to organize the working class, to build the necessary socio-political alliance, to acquire a higher level in the effort to concentrate forces with the aim of escalating the conflict against the forces of capital, for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for socialism.

Unquestionably the liberal and social-democratic parties as well as the parties which have abandoned the principles of the Marxist-Leninist worldview and have slid down the path of class conciliation, and opportunism have taken a clear position. They have chosen the path of defending and managing capitalism regardless of the excuses and pretexts they use.

What we need are communist parties that believe in the principles of the class struggle, the historical necessity of the struggle for the overthrow of the regime of the exploitation of man by man, the construction of the new society, socialism-communism, to adapt their strategy and tactics to these goals which are the essence and raison d’etre of a communist party, the greatest possible contribution to the interests of the working class and popular strata.

1. The KKE has taken on its share of responsibility. It advances forwards in a measured and thought out way on a very difficult path, it draws experience from its history, fights against its weaknesses and adjusts its strategy and tactics (which flow from strategy), to the needs of the concentration, education and organization of working class popular forces in the workplaces and neighbourhoods based on a non-negotiable goal. The rupture with big capital and the imperialist unions for the overthrow of the power of the monopolies, the overthrow of the exploitative relations of production and their replacement by working class, people’s socialist power, socialist relations of production.

The KKE many years ago, in 1996 at its 15th congress adjusted its strategy and tactics to the new needs created by the development of capitalism, the dominance and strengthening of monopoly capital, the assimilation of Greece into the imperialist unions the European Union and NATO.

Through the study of the objective situation, assessing that capitalist relations of production have (further) developed in Greece and that capitalism is in its highest (monopoly) imperialist stage it came to the conclusion that the material pre-conditions for socialism have matured even further. The congress mentioned that in our era, the era of the passage from capitalism to socialism, the class struggle is directed towards the resolution of the basic contradiction between capital and labour. The revolutionary change in Greece will be socialist. The motor forces of the socialist revolution will be the working class as the leading force, the semi-proletarians, the poor farmers and the most oppressed sections of popular urban petty bourgeois strata.

On this basis the anti-monopoly anti-imperialist line of rallying was determined as an instrument, as a means to concentrate forces, a foundation for the alliance policy of the party and its activity in the labour and people’s movement with the aim of resolving the central problem of power, the winning of people’s power which will transform the economic base with its basic characteristic feature being the socialization of the concentrated means of production and central planning. Continue reading