Slanders in a Sentence: The Weekly Bolshevik vs. the KPRF

Note: KPRF is the transliterated acronym of Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Rossiiskoi Federatsii. KPRF and CPRF are interchangeable acronyms. 

On September 13, 2013, The Weekly Bolshevik published a short article entitled Personal Observations on the Nature and Function of the Vanguard Party. For all of its valuable theoretical points on the subject indicated in the title, the article was most notably and disappointingly tainted by an unwarranted, untenable, and ridiculous denunciation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In merely a sentence, the KPRF was written off as a party of “nostalgic pensioners, homophobes and, quite frankly, the worst type of tankies”, and was declared guilty of being “the worst offender” when it comes to a vanguard party being divorced from the masses and suffering from ideological disarmament. The accusations continued with the KPRF being called “an inorganic cut-and-paste of the revisionist CPSU” guilty of “the catastrophic adoption of parliamentary social democracy,” and were crowned with what was most likely intended to be an elegant and intelligent-sounding conclusion: “No matter what the intentions of the KPRF are, pensioners, tanky students and ultra-nationalists with a hammer and sickle on their lapel a revolution does not make.”

The publishing of the above-mentioned article is a disappointing blunder, a characteristically un-Marxist-Leninist move on the record of what is otherwise a decent Marxist-Leninist blog. Not only must the article be held accountable for peddling gross slanders worthy of Trotskyite blessing, but the serious theoretical failure underlying the article’s rejection of the KPRF’s political program deserves equally uncompromising treatment. Continue reading

Political Report of the Central Committee to the 15th Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Toilers’ Struggle publishes this document of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation not only because of Toilers’ Struggle’s genuine support for the KPRF but also because the document contains immeasurably valuable Marxist-Leninist analyses of the conditions facing communists on a global scale in the context of the historic transition from capitalism to socialism.

Submitted by the Presidium of the CC to the Central Committee of the CPRF

Esteemed participants in the Congress,

We are holding our 15th Congress twenty years after our party came back into being. We are reviewing the results of the work of the Central Committee at a juncture when the time perspective is sufficient for us to make important generalizations and provide comprehensive assessments of the social-economic and political processes in the country and the world. We have an opportunity to analyze not only the events of the last four years, but of a more significant stretch of time.

What is a period of two decades? Within exactly twenty years Soviet Russia, having risen from the ruins of the First World War and the Civil War, built a mighty industrial and culturally advanced power that proved capable of destroying Hitler’s ruthless machine. In the grim year 1941 the Red Army, the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers stopped the onslaught of the fascist beast, and in 1961 Yuri Gagarin was already looking at the Earth from outer space. In the early 1970s the Soviet Union achieved nuclear missile parity and confidently declared the emergence of a new historical community, the Soviet people, but twenty years later the hands of traitors and demagogues destroyed the mainstays of the great country. The world is capable of changing dramatically within twenty years. This is what we are witnessing today. We are in a position to assess our own path and the entire historical period.

The second Extraordinary Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation opened outside Moscow on February 13, 1993. Nearly a year and a half after the ban the CC RSFSR declared the resumption of our party’s activities. A Programme Statement, a Charter and a number of resolutions were passed. These documents provided the foundation for the restoration and creation of primary, city and district, okrug and oblast, regional, territorial and republican organizations of the CPRF.

It will be remembered that in recreating the party we were writing our Programme which began with the statement that the fundamental argument between capitalism and socialism is not over. At the time the wounds and scars of the ban on the CPSU were still fresh. Time had not yet blunted the pain over the loss of the Motherland, the USSR. Throughout the Warsaw Treaty area our ideas, symbols and values were subjected to humiliation by rampant vandals. But the sense of duty, the conviction that ours was the right cause, dedication to the Marxist-Leninist theory and sincere human hope impelled people to act.

Today, after the lapse of time, we can say with a full voice that our travails have not been in vain. Yes, victory has yet to be won, but our confidence that nobody can cancel the laws of history has been vindicated in a very tangible way. The present model of the world is splitting at the seams. The cyclic nature of capitalist crises discovered by Karl Marx in the century before last again makes people turn their attention to the immortal ideals of Socialism and Communism. In Russia the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is confidently upholding these ideals.

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the CPRF, one cannot but look back on the arduous path traversed by our party from its being banned to becoming a powerful popular force that is staunchly opposing the ruling regime. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, being a party of the working people – workers, peasants and the intelligentsia – set as its main task the protection of the political and social-economic interests of the citizens. Today we can legitimately speak about the concrete results of our struggle. Continue reading